Healthdream | How Dose Chlorella Powder Detoxified

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Update time : 2020-08-19 10:13:00
Chlorella is a kind of naturally single-celled algae, green algae of the belongs to green algae classes sacs, chlorella grows with a good condition, which has a high application value, but because of the cell walls of chlorella is tough, we can't eat it directly, so we break the walls used the wall breaking technology to makes the chlorella in natural balanced nutrition and efficacy of ingredients released, Does not destroy the original nutrient composition andbecome a green chlorella powder can be full digestion and absorption by human body.

Chlorella powder has good detoxification effect, In addition to its extremely high content of chlorophyll, It also has a unique cell wall microfiber structure, The thickest cell wall in the middle of the chlorella cell, made up of cellulosic microfibers that form a fine network, so toxins and heavy metal molecules that cling to the net. Then,”Sporopollein” this ingredient in chlorella powder comes into play, it can grasp all kinds of toxins from the body and expel them from the body, In scientific studies, it  have been shown to remove toxins from the blood and body organs, the toxins that bind to chlorella powder are no longer absorbed by the body until they are expelled from the body.

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                                Written by Ivy Jiang