Healthdream | Fermentation process of apple cider vinegar powder

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Update time : 2020-08-17 14:07:17
Apple cider vinegar powder goes from fresh apples to product original apple vinegar and then to powder, which has gone through the core process of fruit vinegar production-secondary fermentation, which means that the fruit vinegar is not filtered or sterilized during the fermentation process. Turbidity, often with suspended matter, is the yeast and acetic acid bacteria in the fermentation process.

Yeast alcohol fermentation needs to be carried out in a closed container, add 5%-10% activated active dry yeast for fermentation, stir evenly, seal, temperature control at 25℃-30℃, the entire alcohol fermentation time takes 8d. During the period, the sugar content and alcohol content were sampled and tested regularly. When the measured alcohol content exceeded 8% and no longer increased, and the residual sugar no longer decreased, it could be transferred to acetic acid fermentation.Acetic acid bacteria fermentation required acetic acid bacteria are activated and added to the alcoholic fermentation mash at 10%-15%, and the temperature of the product is controlled at 32℃-35℃.

Yeast and acetic acid bacteria play an important role in the fermentation process of fruit vinegar. The quality of the fermentation process control is directly related to the quality of the fruit wine or fruit vinegar product and the standards of various ingredients. Wuhan Healthdream's apple cider vinegar and original apple vinegar products continuously improve the fermentation process, and screen the self-cultivating acetic acid bacteria. At the same time, the original apple vinegar after fermentation must undergo a 360-day maturation and aging technology to make the vinegar rich and fruity soft and mellow, with richer nutritional value!Welcome to inquire.