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polyethylene glycol


High Quality Cheap Price Chemical Raw Material Cas 25322-68-3 Polyethylene Glycol PEG
Type white solid
Brand Name healthdream
Model Number NO.99
Product name polyethylene glycol
CAS Number 25322-68-3
Density 1.125
Melting point -65 centigrade
Refractive Index 1.458-1.461
Flash point 171 centigrade
Appearance white solid
Packing method 25 kg/PE drum
Storage conditions This product should be stored in a dry, sealed and shading environment
Application field Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Agricultural products, Industrial supplies

【Benefits】: 1. Used as analytical reagent, also used in the pharmaceutical industry 2. Used in softeners, lubricants, etc. 3. As a matrix in medicine and cosmetics, as a dispersant, lubricant, emulsifier, etc. in the rubber, metal processing, pesticide and other industries 4. Organic synthetic medium, moisturizer for daily cosmetics industry, inorganic salt solubilizer, viscosity regulator, etc. 5. Used as flocculant, fluid antifriction agent, textile sizing agent, retention and drainage aid, binding agent, thickener, and denture fixative, etc. 6. Used in cosmetics, pharmacy, chemical fiber, rubber, paper, paint, electroplating
【Application field】: 1. Cosmetics 2. Pharmaceuticals 3. Agricultural products 4. Industrial supplies