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Lactobacillus Fermented Lysate Complex

Item No.: 72
Product name: Lactobacillus Fermented Lysate Complex
Other name:Pro-BFL,COM
Ingredients:Bifidobacterium longum,Lactobacillus acidophilus
Trehalose, water
Packing:1Kg /5KG /25KG
Grade:cosmetics garde
Shelf life: 18 months
Storage:keep away from sunl
Description Certificate of analysis(COA) Our company
 Product name  Lactobacillus Fermented Lysate Complex
 Other name  Pro-BFL,COM
 Ingredients  Bifidobacterium longum,Lactobacillus acidophilus,, 
 Grade  cosmetics garde
 Shelf life:  18 months
 Storage  keep away from sunlight and mositure




1. Non-thickener

2. Non-preservative

3. High activity factors

4. Stable index of shelf life


Usage guidance

This product can be used as a daily care raw material, mixed with other cosmetics materials, used in mask, toner, cream and others. It is recommended to add 0.5%-5% (liquid).



1. Non-irritation

2. No toxicity,

3. Non allergy 

1. Smooth away wrinkle (anti-aging) function: The anti-oxidant ability of lactic acid bacteria fermented lysate can scavenge free radical, promote cell metabolism, enhance vitality of body thereby delaying cell aging to bring the action of anti-aging.


2. Brighten skin (spot faded) function: Tyrosinase is a key enzyme for melanogenesis, which controls the formation of melanin, and its degree of activity plays a major role in pigment depositi


3. Skin repair: Research have shown that dermal fibroblasts can be induced to degrade and re-synthesize in injured and inflamed tissues to repair damaged tissue. 1.0%-1.5% lactic acid bacteria fermented lysate can increase fiber cell proliferation by over 1.8 times and mRNA level of hyaluronan synthase 2 more than 2.5-fold.