Healthdream | Comparison of three different specifications of pearl powder

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Author : Lionel
Update time : 2020-08-11 11:44:01

Ordinary pearl powder:
The health effect is not obvious when the pearl is directly ground into powder, because pearl powder has low solubility in water, low absorption rate, and easy to hurt the stomach. This is also known in ancient times. Ordinary pearl powder is traditional The manufacturing method is to dry the pearls, the manufacturing environment is normal temperature, the powder particle size is 250 mesh, and the absorption rate is below 3%.

Water-soluble pearl powder:
Adopting the international cutting-edge biological patented enzymatic hydrolysis technology and the manufacturing environment is low in temperature. At the same time, it also removes the pearl surface film fluorescence, lead, mercury and the bleaching residues of the origin, making the pearl powder The purity is 100%. The particle size of our Wuhan healthdream's powder is about 2000 mesh. The degree of fineness exceeds the international standard. The content of heavy metals is far below the international standard, which not only melts in the mouth. Moreover, it is almost directly and completely absorbed by the body, and long-term use will not cause stones.

Super-fine pearl powder:
 It is based on the processing of ordinary pearl powder and then uses super-fine crushing equipment to make the pearl powder particles reach hundreds of meshes and thousands of meshes. This is undoubtedly beneficial to the beauty and sun protection of pearl powder for external use, but it is not The increase in gastrointestinal absorption rate is not fundamentally improved, and it still belongs to the category of physical processing.
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